N O R M A L I T Ä T .


The Art-Work „Normalität“ was the final project of mine for making the graduation of the „Designschule München“. For that project we were free to choose a topic we want to work with and we had half a year to do it.

I chose the topics photography and psychology. And I was working with the question „was is normal?“. And if this „normal“ is even existing. So I worked together with 10 individuals, who had an extraordinary issue with their psyche, at least in the eyes from society. I wrote a concept for the photo for each issue of them and I preapared questions for an interview. So the Art-Work arose.

With that Art-Work I wanted to reduce the distance of the real psyche of human beings and the show which we are all doing to hide everything which is behind and might not be accepted by society or just the people around you.

So I invite you to take others as they are and not to hide yourself. Be truthful. Be just yourself. Everything is normal.